Classroom Information

Holly Dayberry


This class policy is presented to inform students and parents about the goals, standards and grading policies for my course.  Feel free to ask for clarification of any portion of this statement. I am available before and after school, in addition to my conference period. I do check my email regularly and this is a good way to contact me.

MATERIALS: Students will be required to bring a spiral notebook with pockets. Students may also use a separate pocket folder if they would like, it just seems easier for them if everything is in one place. Students will be using a calculator daily. It is not required to purchase one but it is recommended. Students will be using a TI-30X-IIS which sells at Wal-Mart for about $10. If students have a calculator from another class, they are welcome to use it.


HOMEWORK: Much of the work will be completed in class. Students will have assignments each day. They will be given time during class to complete the work but if they do not complete the assignment, I will expect them to complete it at home. If a student has not completed an assignment, they will be required to come to my class during lunch to complete it. Assignments will be due at the beginning of class each day.


TEST & PROJECTS: Students can expect two to three tests a month.  We will also be working on the outdoor classroom.  This will be an ongoing project that will be completed during the class period.  More details will follow later in the year. Students can expect to complete at least one project this year. With the new common core standards, students will be expected to complete hands-on projects using technology and other sources.


PARTICIPATION: Participation is an integral part of the class. I expect all students to be willing to explain mathematical procedures when called upon as well as ask for help when something is unclear.


ABSENCES: Because math is a building subject, students are expected to be at school at all times. Absences can really put a student behind on their assignments as well as their comprehension.  Of course, if a student is sick, he/she should stay home and get well. There are other good reasons to miss class but if possible, please don’t pull students out of class for vacations or regularly scheduled medical appointments, etc.


GRADING POLICY: A student’s grade in my class is broken down in this manner:

Classwork:                        15%

Agency:                             15%

Test:                                   70%

*projects will be considered test grades


You can find a link to all assignments and lesson plans on the specific course page.